Monday, 13 June 2011

"Captive Trees" by Jaci Atkinson. May - July 2010

Throughout May to July 2010, shoppers in the Deiniol enjoyed  the haunting shapes of  "Captive Trees " by local Painter and Sculptor Jaci Atkinson.

Artists Statement

Much of my work concerns time and how our attitude to it shapes us.
Time is an abstract concept, we measure it minutely and obsessively to control our lives, and number our days and we use it as light years to measure the vastness of outer space, distances beyond imagination. There are also the slow changes that happen over time, wood gradually becoming stone,
stone becoming dust. Times’ shadow is captured within the structure of the earth, which while we live our short lives of seventy or so years, continues its slow change, measuring time for generations
Captive Trees
The materials I use are chosen because they have a particular quality, they create an atmosphere, an expression. I try to exploit their qualities whilst keeping true to their nature, keeping the simplicity integral to each, whether they are sharp, brittle, strong, transparent, flowing, soft. The feeling they create becomes a conduit for thoughts and emotions implicit in being human, so that each person can draw from the work something they may see in it and something from within themselves.

Jaci Atkinson

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