Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bangor Carnival. June 12th 2010

After the council scrapped the Bangor Carnival 12 years ago, there has been no big community events in Bangor untill the good people of the People of Bangor Community Group decided to revive it in 2010.  Community run and funded, the carnival was a celebration of the people of Bangor. From Carnival queens and pop stars to peace groups and Cappoeira, we all processed through the town to the rythm of Bangor Samba and Batala.  Bangor Greadigol was there in force with walking paintings, a walking sculpture by Wanda Zyborska ( manned by Martyn Hudson ), Performance artists Femke van Gent and Natasha Steinburg, as well as friends and family.  A fantastic day was had by all.

Natasha Steinburg and "Presence" created by Wanda Zyborska and worn by martyn Hudson

Technical hitch

Harri Challis Jones, Tilia Taylor and Alice Challis Jones

Natasha Steinburg and bangor Peace Group

Natasha Steinburg, Femke van Gent ( in red ) and Martyn hudson  (in rubber)

Legs by Femke van Gent, carried by Haisee

Lisa Hudson with mirror, and roses.

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