Monday, 6 August 2012

Jelili Atiku visits Bangor as part of his European Tour

Internationally acclaimed performance artist from Nigeria,  Jelili Atiku will be coming to Bangor for an exclusive talk and performance at The Old Goodsyard Treborth Open Day on the 12th August, 1 til There will also be contributions from Mocambo Cappoeira, Circus Syrcas, Clwb Cabaret,   Latin Music from Querico and film screenings.  The artists from TOGYG ( Bangor greadigol ) will be collaborating with Jelili Atiku and opening their studios for the day .
 Jelili Atiku is a Nigerian multimedia and political artist whose work s concerned with Human Rights and justice, as well as having a strong environmental theme  Through drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and live art performance; he strives to help viewers reconnect their lives with their environment.  Jelili Atiku is visiting the UK as part of a tour of Europe. He has recently done a successful performance in the new Tanks at Tate modern, and is  part of the Manchester Festival, where he will be giving a talk and performance on 9th August. On this day he will be making a new performance in cllaboration with the artists from TGYG.
 The Old Goodsyard Treborth is a community of local artists, musicians, film makers and performers, located near the beautiful Treborth Botanical Gardens.  Opened in January of this year, it is a thriving centre for local arts.
Fr more information contact / Lisa on 07427 603545