Sunday, 20 March 2011

About Bangor Greadigol

Bangor Greadigol grew in response to the perceived dilemma of empty shops and the threat to town centres represented by the current recession and changes in buying habits. In the short term we want to fill unused spaces with exhibitions, performances and happenings, and in the long term we want to be part of the development of the cultural and aesthetic life of the city. Although the city is in crisis at present, there have always been empty shops and unused buildings in Bangor, and we believe we have a long term role in providing a rich and exciting alternative use for temporary spaces, providing a link between the High Street, the University and other more traditional art and performance organisations.
The group’s interests include all the creative arts, exploring non-traditional venues to create new audiences for art and performance. A number of different groups are responding in different ways to the cultural needs of Bangor, and this group will liaise with these and not duplicate their efforts. As well as filling empty shop windows Bangor Greadigol will work in partnership with existing businesses providing art works and entertainment in shops, caf├ęs and public spaces..
The group will represent local and community producers of art and be inclusive, whilst at all times aiming for excellence and innovation.
Friends of Bangor GreadigolBangor Greadigol is currently unfunded and fully dependant on donations. For a donation of £5 or more, Friends will receive quarterly newsletters by Email, advance notice of new exhibitions, as well as invitations to any future events.

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